About Us


    Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Angie and my amazing husband is Domenic former Ohioans here! We now live in Riverview, Florida and we have three beautiful children together. Elijah who is the sweetest and caring boy you’ll ever meet, Adan my curious aspiring entomologist (fancy word for bug lover) and our sweet baby girl Ava Rose our inspiration for Castle Rose Boutique.

    I am a Registered Nurse during the day and fashion fanatic at night! I have always loved shopping for bargains and for unique and quality pieces for my kids that stand out, but being very careful not to break the bank! It wasn’t until we had our daughter Ava when I realized how much I wanted to dress her up in the cutest clothes and accessories but also how expensive it was to do so. Most days a basic onesie does the trick, but the struggle of finding unique and quality outfits for family pictures, birthday parties or any special occasion was really a frustrating task for me!

    One night I looked over at my husband and said “I want to open up a boutique” and that was that. We launched our website May 1st, 2017 as a buyer after locating some adorable items from different vendors. Shortly there after we realized that in order to have complete control of the designs, shipping and the quality we had to start from scratch and so we did. Our items are now designed here in Florida and made by our amazing manufactures overseas. We have gone through many and many samples, fabrics and designs to create the best pieces for your little ones at the best prices.

   We strive to provide the best online shopping experience for you and your family and we absolutely LOVE what we do. Our customers ARE our family and it will always be this way. This is just the beginning of our amazing journey here at Castle Rose Boutique.

With all our love,

The CRB Crew